Stories of Impact

Eric and Early Morning Help

Eric, a truck driver has an 8 year old son who needed to get to school on time. Eric had to leave for work between 2:00 and 3:00am. He needed a place to take his son very early in the morning and have the care giver get Justin off to school. Eric had someone previously helping him with this but it fell through. Chad,the school counselor at Alberta Rider grade school recommended Eric call Love INC. Eric did not have that much cash on hand and needed assistance both in finding a new childcare provider but also a little extra money to pay for the care. Our partnering church St. James Episcopal quickly agreed to come up with the $80.00 extra dollars needed to get Justin back into childcare and back into school. He had to temporarily live with his mother in Roseburg and had missed school for over a week. The school even fronted the money until the churches money came through. What a testimony to people who care and offer kindness. After asking a couple of times, Eric agreed to meet with me in the future, to talk about the Bible.