Stories of Changed Lives

Every year, Love INC of Tigard, Tualatin, and Sherwood connects its partner church volunteers and community agencies to over 200 families in our communities. Together, we are able to not only meet over 1200 needs, but to build up relationships with each person in dignity and respect. The result? Transformed lives and communities!

Stories of Impact


“Layla” is a single mother with 11 children. She called Love INC looking for help fixing up her house so that she could refinance. With that many people in it, the house had some serious wear and tear and she would not be allowed to refinance unless she made some

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Linda and Stephen’s Story

Linda called Love INC asking for diapers for her 3 year old son. Married with four children, her husband Stephen started a new job out of town. However between the gas cost and lack of hours as promised, it was creating more problems than it solved. They were able to

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Eric and Early Morning Help

Eric, a truck driver has an 8 year old son who needed to get to school on time. Eric had to leave for work between 2:00 and 3:00am. He needed a place to take his son very early in the morning and have the care giver get Justin off to

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Driving Forward

Have you ever had an opportunity to gain freedom and independence? If you have, then you know the feeling of joy and excitement that brings you. This is how Carol Miller felt when she connected with Love INC and was able to purchase a car that was donated. After going

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In Giving We Receive

Two years ago, Alex was homeless with two children in foster care. Ready to work toward the stable, positive environment his family needed, he moved across the country, and reached out to Love INC of Merced, CA for help. Church volunteers delivered furniture to his home. A simple start to

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Deep Faith Delivers

“Rosalinda” came to us seeking help as she was now facing the obstacle of living on her own and providing for herself. After meeting with her, it was visibly clear how deep of a faith “Rosalinda” walked with. Through the challenges she faced, “Rosalinda” continued to seek refuge, strength, and

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A New Beginning

“My experience with Love INC has been amazing and transformative. My children are back home with me; I am an usher at Yosemite church; and I am so grateful to God!”

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Pouring Into Others

Jenni has volunteered with Love INC for three and a half years and spends a great deal of time pouring into our clients weekly. She is one of our talented volunteers who listens to people’s stories and figures out the best action plan for them. Following their time with her,

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“This class came at a good time in my life. I just retired from a career and I felt lost in what to do next. The process of this class is so sound and helped me affirm my potential”

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