Community Agency Partner

Need more help in meeting more needs of people in your community?
At LOVE INC, we can help you align with a cooperative partnership with local area churches to provide coordinated holistic care to our neighbors in need. This united help not only addresses immediate concerns but helps our neighbors develop the spiritual and emotional support needed to overcome the root causes of recurrent problems and build up their God-given potential.

What Community Agency Partnership Looks Like

For Love INC

We offer training to your team on how we work to assist your agency

We receive and review requests for assistance and refer those needs to church and community partner resources

We regularly meet with your designated contact to discuss progress, process, challenges, and changes

For Community Agency Partners

You provide a contact who leads this effort within your agency and who meets with Love INC regularly for updates, changes, and progress

You receive reports on who we have screened for assistance

You are enabled to interact with other churches and agencies in your community to work together to help

You offer unique/new ways to meet needs that can be shared among other partner members in the cooperative

Ready to get started?

Contact us to set up a meeting with the appropriate contact at your agency to discuss how we might work together to help the needy in your community.

Our Community Partners

Our varying community and business partners serve as vital links along with our network of churches to more broadly and cooperatively serve local neighbors in need.