Community Partners

Transforming lives and communities

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WHAT Partnership looks like

For Love INC

Assisting churches to go beyond benevolence to offering relational and holistic care.

Receiving and reviewing requests for assistance and making referrals to church and community resources.

Identifying new ministry opportunities to meet gaps in community help and services.

Lessening the strain on any one church or organization by organizing churches to work together.

Helping the community and churches break through stereotypes, connecting them to work well together

WHAT Partnership looks like

For Community Partners

Living out the two greatest commandments to love God and to love their neighbors.

Engaging the God-given gifts and resources of people in the service of others.

Providing opportunities for people to exercise and grow in their faith.

Serving their community in specific, manageable, and meaningful ways.

Connecting and working with other churches in the community.

Inviting people to grow in faith.

Our Community Partners

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