Our Mission

We serve as the central hub to unite, align, and mobilize local churches and agencies to care for the practical and spiritual needs of our local communities

Our History


Founded in 2010 to fill local needs
based on cooperative relationships
with churches and agencies

Served 1438 clients
On track to serve more than 2100 clients and to expand services

Our Model

Without Love INC
Churches serve their communities in different ways. One group may offer housing assistance while another offers financial literacy or food programs. But when care is not coordinated, needs can be overlooked or duplicated resulting in people not being served in a holistic manner to cover multiple needs.

With Love INC

Love INC fosters collaboration and organizes holistic care to help churches serve their neighbors through resources and relationships. By networking churches and agencies together, each group is able to offer their strengths, knowing that their neighbors will be cared for more completely within their community. Churches especially are able to be the Body of Christ to their neighbors.

Our Core Values

We are Christ-centered
All that we do and say must honor and glorify our Lord Jesus Christ.
We are an instrument of transformation

We believe people are transformed “from the inside out”. We seek to provide holistic help, respect for each person served, and excellence in service.

We value building Christ-like relationships
We walk alongside with our neighbors in need to grow relationships that help us to better care for them.

Our Beliefs

Love INC is a Christian ministry. We use the Apostles’ Creed as our guiding statement of faith to identify unity in Christ.

Our Staff

Ken Caron

Interim Executive Director

Ken Caron
Help Center Coordinator

Ken comes to Love INC TT&S with a strong background in working with and managing volunteers in both business and the community. He has been a Youth, Associate, and Senior Pastor at churches in Idaho, Arizona, and Oregon and has been an active volunteer for over nine years with various organizations in the Tigard, Tualatin & Sherwood area. Ken is currently a professor at Grand Canyon University where he teaches courses in youth ministry and spiritual formation. He also teaches at Purdue University and the University of Arizona where he teaches courses in developmental psychology, world religions, critical thinking, and ethics. He attends Journey Church in Sherwood. Ken has been a part of the team at Love INC since early 2017 so he can be involved locally and make a difference in the lives of those in need in our community.



Watch This Week’s Video Devotion

Join Pastor Justin Zimmerly from Millersburg Church of Christ, as he unpacks James 3:13-17 and challenges us to consider what kind of life we are living.

Overcoming Transportation Obstacles

Are you aware of the Transportation Obstacles in Holmes County? We invite you to the table to explore possible solutions together. Thursday, November 11 at 6:30pm in the Community Room

New Classes
Begin Tonight

Join us at 7pm for Anxious for Nothing or Faith & Fitness. Both meet at Martins Creek Mennonite Church and all are welcome.